Nestled in the stunning landscapes of southern Peru, Arequipa is a city brimming with history, culture, and natural beauty. With its colonial architecture, breathtaking mountains, and proximity to awe-inspiring natural wonders, Arequipa offers a myriad of captivating tours that promise unforgettable experiences. Join us as we embark on a journey through Arequipa’s most enchanting tours, where ancient traditions, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality converge.

Historical Walking Tours: A Stroll through Colonial Splendor

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Arequipa with a guided walking tour through the city’s colonial center. Admire the elegant architecture crafted from the region’s distinctive white volcanic stone, known as “sillar.” Explore iconic landmarks such as the imposing Santa Catalina Monastery, a city within a city, and the grand Cathedral of Arequipa. Uncover the stories and legends that shaped the city as you walk through its charming streets, offering a glimpse into its fascinating past.

Colca Canyon Excursions: Witnessing Nature’s Grandeur

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey to the renowned Colca Canyon, one of the world’s deepest canyons. Guided tours allow you to witness the breathtaking vistas, where terraced fields, snow-capped peaks, and soaring condors create a symphony of natural beauty. Marvel at the Cruz del Cóndor viewpoint, where these majestic birds gracefully glide through the canyon’s depths. Immerse yourself in the local communities along the way, experiencing their cultural heritage and traditions that have stood the test of time.

Culinary Tours: Savoring Arequipa’s Gastronomic Delights

Arequipa is renowned for its culinary prowess, blending indigenous flavors with Spanish influences. Embark on a culinary tour to discover the city’s vibrant food scene. Visit bustling markets, where colorful fruits, aromatic spices, and local delicacies abound. Learn the secrets of traditional Arequipeño dishes, such as rocoto relleno (stuffed spicy pepper) and chuño colado (potato stew). Engage in cooking workshops and savor the delectable results, gaining a deeper appreciation for the region’s gastronomic heritage.

Santa Catalina Monastery: A Journey into Solitude

Uncover the hidden treasures of the Santa Catalina Monastery, a city within Arequipa. Guided tours take you through the labyrinthine streets of this remarkable 16th-century convent, revealing its vibrant history and architectural marvels. Step into the past as you explore the cloisters, plazas, and ornate chapels adorned with religious art. The monastery’s tranquil ambiance offers a serene retreat from the bustling city outside, providing a glimpse into the lives of the nuns who once called it home.

Misti Volcano Hiking: Conquering Nature’s Majestic Peak

For adventure enthusiasts, a hiking tour to the Misti Volcano is a must. Ascend this iconic volcano, reaching heights of over 5,800 meters, and be rewarded with panoramic views of Arequipa and the surrounding landscapes. Experienced guides ensure your safety and provide insights into the geological wonders of the region. Feel the thrill of conquering nature’s majestic peak as you witness the vastness of the Andean mountain range stretching before you.


Arequipa’s captivating tours offer a kaleidoscope of experiences that blend history, culture, nature, and gastronomy. From exploring the city’s colonial architecture to witnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of Colca Canyon, each tour unveils a different facet of this enchanting region. Whether you’re strolling through Arequipa’s historic streets, savoring its culinary delights, delving into solitude within the Santa Catalina Monastery, or conquering the Misti Volcano, Arequipa’s tours promise unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for the wonders that make this city a true gem of Peru.

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